'The life and times of a tyre spinner by TomSpin' is a 40,000 word novel aimed largely at teenagers. It tells of the world of small rubber creatures that live inside car tyres. Hopefully, the short introduction provides an appealing entry-point into the tyre spinner world.

Introduction (pdf file - 28k)

Chapter One - My Early Childhood (pdf file - 72k)
In which, the narrator, TomSpin, introduces his family, and gives some background on the tyre spinner world.

Chapter Two - A Visitor (pdf file - 92k)
In which, TomSpin tells of the arrival of Pippo, who helps him develop the skills necessary to go travelling and who becomes something a role model.

Chapter Three - Leaving Home
In which, TomSpin talks of his decision to leave home, and tells of his departure.

Chapter Four - Pootren and Ko
In which, TomSpin encounters two strange characters who are wrapped up in their own world of mental games; and in which TomSpin learns to join in but, at the same time, distance himself from too much involvement.

Chapter Five - The Evil Place
In which, TomSpin meets up with Pippo again; and in which both TomSpin and Pippo must use all their wits and physical abilities to survive and escape from a group of evil tyre spinners.

Chapter Six - Disaster (pdf file - 80k)
In which, TomSpin and Pippo encounter the enigmatic Zed and Zed and survive, against all odds, a puncture, thanks largely to a stranger called Fluxmiklin.

Chapter Seven - Rosefulness
In which, TomSpin falls in love, and jealousy surfaces between Pippo and TomSpin.

Chapter Eight - The end of my travels with Pippo
In which, TomSpin experiences meets different tyre spinners, including some religious one, but grows apart from Pippo.

The book concludes with TomSpin arriving at a city - a huge lorry tyre containing hundreds of spinners. But his tales of city life must wait for volume two of TomSpin's life and times.

Paul K. Lyons

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