Not a Brave New World
A trilogy in three wives
by Paul K Lyons

READERS COMMENTS (on the trilogy when published as Kip Fenn - Reflections)

‘This is an extraordinary book - well written and engaging with characters so real I feel as if I have known them for years.’ Patricia

‘A disturbing look into the future. The idea of a man who lives for so long, recording history, is ingenious. I'm always amazed by all the changes older folks have witnessed throughout time...I'm disturbed to think how many changes I will see in my lifetime. This novel captures that essence in a very vivid way. Very Professional Writing.’ John

‘What is truly imaginative about Reflections, a novel set in the future but looking backwards, is the host of Neil/Kip's memories. The author gives his centenarian character the extraordinary gift of being able, as he looks back over his host of seemingly random memories, to pinpoint the image or exchange or discovery that contributes to the larger thread that is his life story. And the author himself has a gift for language and especially for voice. The story reads beautifully.’ Christine Beth Reish

‘Amazingly conceived, dedicatedly written, very engaging.’ Philippa

‘This is a wonderfully written story and one that has sucked me in from the start.’ Kipper

‘Speechless. This is amazing, just the thing I would buy and I love it. Beautiful.’ Mn73

This is a majestic piece of work.’ Odysseus

‘As I started to read in this little box of a room that I call my office, the room disappeared and I found myself sitting on the floor in front of a fireplace listening to an old wise man about to tell his life story. This is a big concept book, an epic, to be slowly digested and savoured. I miss these kinds of stories. I wish there were more of them.’ The Write Girl

‘The whole story just flies and I'm unable to stop reading.’ Rachel May

‘This is a highly original novel, and an important one. It deserves to be widely read.’ Bren Verrill

‘This has got to be one of the most original ideas for a book I've come across in ages. Brilliant absolutely brilliant.’ Lord Dunno

‘This is a long story but you wrap your arms around the reader and press him close and carry us along.’ Janet Marie