Not a Brave New World
A trilogy in three wives
by Paul K Lyons

FICTIONAL REVIEWS (all by characters from the trilogy)

‘At first glance, you might wonder why an apparently uninspiring character such as Mr Fenn – a volleyball-playing civil servant – bothered to write his Reflections. And you might want to slap the young Mr Fenn across the face because of his attitude to women and sex. Yet there is nothing dull about his story, or the way he tells it. I even cried here and there towards the end. An extraordinary life. An extraordinary book.’
Irene Sanderson writing in Guardian Women (October 2101)

‘Compelling intelligent and thought provoking.’
Prof Zoe Bergmann writing in GlobeOne (November 2101)

‘It is rare and refreshing to find the Reflections of a public figure written with such integrity and insight. My book of the year.’
Oliver Fortune MP writing in The European (December 2101)

‘Few today have heard of Kip Fenn but he deserves to be better remembered. He was a good friend to Nigeria, Africa and all the developing world. In this remarkably honest book, Mr Fenn tends to skim too quickly over his long career in the IFSD, and I for one would have liked more about his achievements and less about his personal life.’
Chidi Naiambana writing in Nigeria Economic Gazette (March 2012)

‘Have no doubts this man loved 20th century photographs. Not only was he instrumental in building The Josephine Collection and Portia to their glory, but he constructed a lifetime of memories around them too. This is a veritable bio-fest in words ’
Giselle Dufkova writing in Photography’s Past (April 2102)