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The aim of this website is to provide an internet resource for those interested in historical and literary diaries and diarists. I've kept it simple, partly because I personally appreciate uncluttered, useful sites, and partly because this is not a commercial project. Over time, I hope to continue adding data on more diarists, and, to this end, I would encourage contributions. Comments about the site, as well as suggestions, additions and corrections are always welcome.

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There are information pages for over 500 diarists.
Each diarist's data web page includes:
- biographical details, a biographical summary, and diary dates and descriptors,
- up to six internet links to a) a more detailed biography, b) texts of, or about, the diaries, c) institutions holding the original manuscripts,
- up to three diary titles.
The 500 data pages can be accessed in three ways:
1) through carefully-compiled LISTS organised

(list) ____ BY DESCRIPTOR (list)

2) by combining the word pikle with a diarist's name in an internet search engine,
3) from the basic (and very long) full list of diarists, in alphabetical order, at the bottom of this page.
The Diary Junction home page can be accessed directly from everywhere on this site, either by clicking on The Diary Junction logo, or using the links along the top of each page. Important notes and cautions about The Diary Junction information are repeated on every data page; and there is an extra cautionary note about the descriptors on the descriptor list pages.

Two websites proved particularly useful in compiling this one.
The Diary Research website provides a searchable version of the (very comprehensive) 'Annotated Bibliography of Diaries Printed in English' compiled by C S Handley and published on CDROM by Hanover Press in 1999.
The National Archives website provides substantial information on original manuscripts.
I am also grateful to Kathryn Carter for her website 'Women's diaries written in Canada'
I visited Amazon and Abebooks a lot to check published titles, and in some cases for information on diary content.
In terms of published books, I used one bibliography and several anthologies, and I've occasionally referred to an editor's view in my biographical summaries:
Havlice, Patricia Pate (1987) And So to Bed - A Bibliography of Diaries Published in English, The Scarecrow Press
Brett, Simon (1987) The Faber Book of Diaries, Faber
Aitken, James (1941) English Diaries of the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries, Pelican
Taylor, Irene and Alan (2000) The Assassin's Cloak, Canongate Books
Ponsonby, Arthur (1923) English Diaries, Methuen
Ponsonby, Arthur (1927) More English Diaries, Methuen
Melosina Lenox-Conyngham (1998) Diaries of Ireland - An Anthology 1590-1987, The Lilliput Press

Charles Abbot, Abutsu, Joseph Randolph Ackerley, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, James Evershad Agate, Louisa May Alcott, William Allingham, Isaac Ambrose, Henri Frédéric Amiel, William Wayte Andrew, Eliza Frances Andrews, Paris Anonymous, Elias Ashmole, Cynthia Asquith, John Aston, William Ayshcombe, Sřren Bache, Abigail Abbot Bailey, John Cann Bailey, John Baker, Martha Ballard, Nicolo Barbaro, W N P Barbellion, Marie Bashkirtseff, Matsuo Basho, Arthur Hamilton Baynes, Libby Beaman, Cecil Beaton, Jacob Bee, Ludvig van Beethoven, Gertrude Bell, Hilaire Belloc, Anthony Benn, John Benn-Walsh, Arnold Bennett, Alan Bennett, Edward White Benson, Arthur Christopher Benson, Mary Berry, Emily Birchall, John Dearman Birchall, Katherine Bisshopp, Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, Barbara Leigh Bodichon, John Peter Boileau, Johann Martin Boltzius, James Boswell, Paul Bowles, Richard Boyle, Jimmy Boyle, William Bray, Bertolt Brecht, Arthur Herman Bremer, Gerald Brenan, William Brereton, Vera Brittain, Benjamin Britten, Charles Anthony Brooke, Nicholas Brown, Ford Madox Brown, Mary Browne, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, George Bubb Dodington, John Bufton, Deborah Bull, Reader Bullard, Fanny Burney, Timothy Burrell, Charlotte Bury, Eleanor Butler, John Byrom, Elizabeth Byrom, George Byron, Alexander Cadogan, Walter Calverley, Joseph Campbell, Neil Campbell, Albert Camus, Jane Welsh Carlyle, Dora de Houghton Carrington, Thomas Cartwright, John Sarsfield Casey, Hugh Casson, Gaspar Castańo de Sosa, Barbara Castle, Anne Chalmers, Henry Channon, Mary Boykin Chesnut, Galeazzo Ciano, Alan Clark, Horace Clark, Henry Fynes Clinton, William Clark, William Clements, Anne Clifford, William Cobbett, George Cockburn, Henry Cockburn, Thomas Cocks, Jean Cocteau, Mary Coke, William Cole, Maurice Collis, Christopher Columbus, Thomas Coningsby, James Cook, Polly Lavinia Coon, Anthony Ashley Cooper, Antony Ashley Cooper, Eleanor Coppola, William Johnson Cory, Robert Coverte, Noel Peirce Coward, Mary Cowper, Thomas Creevey, Nicholas Cresswell, George Croghan, Thomas Crosfield, Richard Crossman, Hannah Cullwick, Nicholas Marshall Cummins, Alfred Cunningham, Allan Cunningham, Vasco da Gama, Daibu, Jikaku Daishi, Salvador Dali, Thomas Dallam, Charles Darwin, John Dawson, Sarah Bowdoin Dearborn, Francois De Bassompierre, Simone De Beauvoir, John Dee, Edmond De Goncourt, Jules De Goncourt, Carolina Maria de Jesus, E M Delafield, Eugčne Ferdinand Delacroix, Jean-François De Galaup De La Pérouse, Abraham De La Pryme, Michel De Montaigne, John Denison, Henriette Desaulles, Simonds D'Ewes, Liane De Pougy, Pierre Lemoyne d'Ibberville, John Doble, Alfred Domett, Anna Grigoryevna Dostoevsky, William Dowsing, Mountstuart Grant Duff, Albrecht Dürer, Lawrence Durrell, William Dyott, Edward VI, Jonathan Edwards, George Eliot, Edward Robb Ellis, Nancy Emerson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Brian Eno, Fray Francisco Escobar, John Evelyn, Johann Ewald, Adam Eyre, Joseph Farington, Florence Farmborough, Edward Fenton, Henry Fielding, Celia Fiennes, Marianne Fortescue, Henry Edward Fox, Robert Barclay Fox, Caroline Fox, Anne Frank, Elizabeth Freke, Elizabeth Fremantle, Donald Friend, Richard Hurrell Froude, Elizabeth Fry, Elizabeth Fuller, Robert Furse, Hugh Gaitskell, Walter Gale, David Gascoyne, André Gide, George Gissing, William Gladstone, Cynthia Gladwyn, Paul Josef Goebbels, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, William Goodall, Charles Gordon, Robert Gordon, Gilles Picot Gouberville, Gerald Graham, Thomas Gray, Thomas Green, Isabella Augusta Gregory, Joyce Irene Grenfell, Charles Cavendish Fulke Greville, Henry Greville, Thomas Grey, William Griffith, Charlotte Forten Bridges Grimké, Giovanni Guareschi, Che Guevara, Alec Guinness, Thomas Gyll, Emily Hall, Ellen Hall, Peter Hall, Ishbel Maria Hamilton-Gordon, James Hannington, Letitia Hargrave, Elizabeth Johnson Harris, James Harris, Peter Hawker, John Milton Hay, Benjamin Haydon, Thomas Hearne, Philip Henslowe, Thomas Herbert, Abel J Herzberg, Oliver Heywood, Donald Hill, John Edward Bernard Hill, Etty Hillesum, John Cam Hobhouse, John Hobson, Margaret Hoby, Philip Hone, William Honeywell, Robert Hooke, Gerard Manley Hopkins, J W Horsley, George Howard, Leonidas Hubbard, Mina Benson Hubbard, Vere Hunt, Joseph Hunter, Gemma Hussey, Arthur Crew Inman, Washington Irving, Thomas Isham, Christopher Isherwood, Ralph Jackson, George Jackson, Rebecca Cox Jackson, Violet Jacob, Henry James, Alice James, Derek Jarman, Miss Jenkins, John XXIII, Francois Ferdinand Joinville, William Jones, Edwin Jones, Ralph Josselin, Franz Kafka, Frida Kahlo, William Keeling, Fanny Kemble, Harry Kessler, Nasir-i Khusraw, Sřren Kierkegaard, Francis Kilvert, Cecil Harmsworth King, William Lyon Mackenzie King, Paul Klee, Victor Klemperer, Edward Knatchbull, William Henry Knight, John Knox, Selma Lagerlöf, Edward Lake, William Lambarde, Luca Landucci, Alan Frederick Lascelles, Erich Lassota Von Steblau, Nella Last, William Laud, Mary Leadbeater, James Lees-Milne, Edward Leeves, Aldo Leopold, C S Lewis, Meriwether Lewis, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Charles Lindbergh, Anne Lister, Eyre LLoyd, Robert Bruce Lockhart, Zadoc Long, Francis Longford, Roger Lowe, Marie Belloc Lowndes, Thomas Babington Macaulay, Henry Machyn, Robert Lindsay Mackay, Alasdair Maclean, Ian Maclean, Sarah Macnaughton, William Charles Macready, Richard Madox, Alma Mahler-Werfel, André Hurault Maisse, Clementina Malcolm, Kim Malthe-Bruun, Henry Edward Manning, John Manningham, John Mansel, Katherine Mansfield, Raďssa Maritain, John Marsden, Henry Martyn, Richard Mather, Cotton Mather, Douglas Mawson, Henry McClintock, Henry Louis Mencken, Ioannis Mentzalis, Robert Menzies, Thomas Merton, Henri Michaux, Minamoto Michichika, Michitsuna, Elisha Mitchell, Thomas Mitchell, Naomi Mitchison, Edward Montagu, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Giles Moore, George Fletcher Moore, George Moore, Thomas Moore, Elizabeth Mordaunt, Claver Morris, Sydney Moseley, Louis Mountbatten, Malcolm Muggeridge, Arthur Munby, Fujiwara Munetada, Jens Munk, Robert Musil, Joseph Mydelton, Fujiwara no Nagako, Henry Newcombe, Richard Newdigate, Benjamin Newton, Asenath Nicholson, Harold Nicolson, Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz, Nijo, Anaďs Nin, Eric Norelius, Henri Nouwen, Maria Nugent, Humphrey O'Sullivan, John Oglander, William Joseph O'Neill Daunt, Iris Origo, Joe Orton, Lee Harvey Oswald, Nettie Palmer, Ebenezer Parkman, Frances Partridge, Jan Pasek, Kate Paul, Cesare Pavese, Drew Pearson, Edward Pease, Henry Peerless, John Penry, Samuel Pepys, John Perceval, Andrew Peterson, Marius Petipa, Antonio Pigafetta, Ananda Ranga Pillai, Sylvia Plath, Richard Pococke, Beatrix Potter, Walter Powell, Dawn Powell, Anthony Powell, Caroline Powys, Linka Preus, John Orde Poynton, Hana Pravda, Raymond Priestley, Ch'oe Pu, Barbara Pym, John Rabe, Thomas Raikes, Hermione Ranfurly, Francis Rawdon, Hayashi Razan, Wilhelm Reich, John Reith, Jules Renard, John Reresby, Seán Ó Ríordáin, Charles Ritchie, Frederick Philipse Robinson, Henry Crabb Robinson, Richard Rogers, Anne Roden, Jakob Roggeveen, Alexis Lawrence Romanoff, George Rooke, Ned Rorem, George Rose, John Rous, Thomas Rumney, John Ruskin, John Rutty, George Sand, Sarashina, May Sarton, Siegfried Sassoon, John Scott, John Scott, Walter Scott, Robert Falcon Scott, George Percival Scriven, Shonagon Sei, Hanna Senesh, Nassau Senior, Samuel Sewall, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Izumi Shikibu, Murasaki Shikibu, William L Shirer, Emily Shore, Elizabeth Simcoe, John Skinner, Henry Slingsby, Elizabeth Smart, Elizabeth Smith, Saiokuken Socho, Sogi, Clara Solomon, William Soutar, Harold Stephen Spender, Richard Stapley, John Steinbeck, Stendhal, John Stevens, William Bagshaw Stevens, Frances Stevenson, Robert Louis Stevenson, August Strindberg, George Templeton Strong, Strother, Arthur Seymour Sullivan, Swabey, Jonathan Swift, John Addington Symonds, Adam Tas, William Tayler, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Samuel Teedon, William Johnstone Temple, Henry Teonge, John Thomlinson, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Thoresby, Hester Lynch Piozzi Thrale, Leo Tolstoy, Sofia Tolstoy, Richard Torkington, Tomás de la Torre, Philip Toynbee, Dang Thuy Tram, Kino Tsurayuki, Marina Tsvetaeva, Thomas Turner, Victoria, Hans Axel von Fersen, Hermann Ludwig Von Lowenstern, Ludolf von Münchhausen, Philipp Georg Von Reck, Cosima Liszt Wagner, Waldstein, Nehemiah Wallington, Horace Walpole, Francis Walsingham, Lester Frank Ward, Samuel Ward, Thomas Asline Ward,Andy Warhol, George Washington, Evelyn Waugh, Beatrice Webb, Denton Welch, John Wesley, Charles Wesley, Arthur Graeme West, Anna Mathilda Whistler, Mary Avery White, George Whitefield, William Whiteway, Samuel Wilberforce, William Wilberforce, Kenneth Williams, Alice Williamson, Edward Wilson, Adolphus Windeler, William Windham, Charles Windham, Anna Green Winslow, Adam Winthrop, Francis Edward Witts, David Wojnarowicz, Anthony Wood, Robert Woodforde, James Woodforde, Leonard Woolf, Virginia Woolf, Dorothy Wordsworth, Charles Wriothesley, Woodrow Wyatt, Joan Wyndham, Eugenia Wynne, Harriet Wynne, Philip Wyot, Walter Yonge